Answer By Shruti Gupta

I have lived in Varanasi for last 25 years, so I can answer this.

First thing first, Modi can change Varanasi only when state government help him, which is obviously not possible.


Yes, there are changes even though they are small.

Yes, we have seen the visible changes on ground level.

Yes, we believe our PM unconditionally.

Yes. next year we are going to vote for him.

  • Electricity

Yes, we get electricity 24*7 and if there is a power cut we do get message to inform the same beforehand.

  • Ghats

Last time when I visited ghat was in 27th May 2013 and I was cursing myself for making such plan because I couldn’t breathe there on boat, water was smelling that bad. Few days back I went again because my brother forced me to and trust me I was glad that I went in morning, the view was mesmerizing and peaceful.

  • Assi Ghat

If you ever get time, read the hard work done by central government to make this ghat.

  • Airport

The babatpur airport road is under construction and in one year central has constructed 60% of that road.

  • Manduadih Station.

I can now actually go to a station and wait in the waiting room, mind you earlier I detested the same.

  • Bus stop

Yes, we do have proper and actual bus stop.

  • Illegal shops

For this the entire credit goes to Mr. DM who is working so hard. It takes guts to demolish illegal shops. 😛 By the way he is transferred now.

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