What is the weirdest excuse you have ever heard for hating the current Narendra Modi government? by Anonymous

Answer by Anonymous:


  • News: Aamir Khan, Aamir Khan’s Wife and Shahrukh Khan does not feel safe in India
  • Secularist: Modi is Responsible and I hate Modi Govt.


  • News: Yakub Memon is given Death Sentence by Supreme Court of India .
  • Secularist: I hate Modi Govt for giving capital punishment to him. Modi govt responsible for Death sentence of Yakub Memon.
  • Fact: He was a terrorist and he killed more than 200 people.


  • News: Rohit Vemula Committed Suicide in Hyderabad (1600 Km from Delhi) for being not allowed to enter Hostel .
  • Secularist: Modi Govt is responsible for his suicide because Modi does not like low caste people.
  • Fact: He was suspended from entering hostel because he was accused of beating abusing and manhandling another student in the campus.


  • News: Modi’s suit cost 10 lacks.
  • Secularist: I hate Modi Govt because he wore a suit worth 10 lakhs.
  • Fact: Suit was gifted to him by a NRI Businessmen. It was later auctioned and money collected was deposited to Swach Bharat Abhiyan.


  • News: Modi travels by a BMW car.
  • Secularist: I hate Modi Govt because he himself not following Make in India.
  • Fact: Actually he used previous PM Manmohan Singh’s car and saved money being spent on building a new car for his safety. When he was CM of Gujarat he used to travel in a Mahendra Scorpio.


  • News: Dadri Incident, where men was killed for eating Beef.
  • Secularist: Modi is responsible because after Modi is elected people of India became Intolerant.
  • Fact: This incident happened in Uttar Pradesh controlled by Samajwadi party. Law and police are under state and does not come under central administration.


  • News: Proposal to hoist India national Flag in Govt Colleges and University.
  • Secularist: I hate Modi Govt. Because they are intolerant to minorities and want to spread Hindutva Ideology.


  • News: Crude oil prices have fallen. Due to this Stocks have gone down.
  • Secularist: Blame Modi. He is the one who is responsible for Global Stocks meltdown.


  • News: Narendra Modi is married, he participated in a child marriage.
  • Secularist: I hate Modi. He is the one who is responsible for child marriages.
  • Fact: In child marriages both the girl and the boy are victims.

In Future you may hear below reasons to blame Modi govt.

  1. Modi Govt setting up solar plant. It’s plan is to destroy solar system by draining energy from Sun.
  2. Today when I went for a walk, A mad dog chased me. Modi is responsible because dogs have become intolerant after Modi came to power.
  3. My Boyfriend cheated on me. Modi govt is responsible because he is not working on women empowerment.
  4. KFC increased price for zinger burger. Modi is responsible for not controlling inflation.
  5. India lost a cricket Match against any other country. Modi is responsible because he did not wish best of Luck before the match.
  6. You are discussing and up voting this answers and other related Modi answers in Quora instead of Working or studying. You See how MODI MODI MODI is responsible for Man hour loss and for scoring less marks in exams.

What is the weirdest excuse you have ever heard for hating the current Narendra Modi government?