Why does Anurag Kashyap hate Narendra Modi? by @KuntalSarma

Answer by Kuntal Sarma:

Not only Anurag Kashyap many from the Bollywood fraternity fall into the category of Left-Liberals who are actually Pseudo-Liberals.

I watched an interview of Anurag many months ago where he said that he was always inclined towards communism since his early days and used to read lots of books on Lesftist ideologies.

To have an ideology different than the current ruling party is perfectly fine and everyone has their right to dissent. But the way he Tweeted it, shows his hatred for Narendra Modi. Moreover this is not the first time he ranted against Modi on Twitter.

I have always been a fan of Anurag and loved his films like GOW and DevD. But as a person he lost my respect.

Pseudo Liberal: He hates Modi as he is a Pseudo-Liberal. It all started when after getting threats from Kashmiri separatist over her role in Dangal, Zaira Wasim wrote an apology. Some RW Twitter handle asked Anurag if he is gonna show some courage and speak up against it. Rather then condemning the radical Islamist who threatened the 16 year old actress, Anurag chose to take it out on the RW twitter.

This is the prime characteristic of a Pseudo liberal. When it comes to Muslims they get all soft and never say a word against the religious fanatic Muslims. If he is such a liberal why didn't he oppose the despicable act of threatening a little girl for acting in movies. He belongs to the breed of people will oppose crackers being burnt on Diwali due to animal rights of dog, but post pic of having Biryani on Bakar Eid.

Why does Anurag Kashyap hate Narendra Modi?