What is the weirdest excuse you have ever heard for hating the current Narendra Modi governmen… by Aditya Srivastava

Answer by Aditya Srivastava:

Actually there are many but i am mentioning only one which is very funny.

MODI HAS NO TIME FOR OUR OWN NATION. He spends more time in foreign trips. Those who accuse Modi for spending more time in foreign trips they hardly know why Modi ji visited a particular country. Modi has a solid ground and clear vision for vising a particular country. He brings a lot of investment for our nation, signed many security deals and made strong bonding with many different countries and many more. Indian foreign policy is at it’s best as of now.

I have two very recent incidents

  1. SAARC SUMMIT : When India denied to join SAARC SUMMIT almost every country denied to join SAARC in Pakistan. 🙂
  2. SURGICAL STRIKE : Almost every one stand with INDIA and supported Indian action against Pakistan. 🙂

But some people and specially Media have no SCAMS to show which will accelerate their TRP that’s why they are making such stupid accuses.



  1. Japan has promised to give $35 billion to India through public and private funding over the next 5 years for developmental projects, including building of smart cities and cleanup of river Ganges.
  2. Both sides have signed five pacts covering defence exchanges, cooperation in clean energy, roads and highways, healthcare and women while vowing to take their relationship from strategic partnership to a special strategic partnership.
  3. The two sides agreed to enhance their defence and strategic cooperation to a new level and also decided to speed up negotiations on a civil nuclear deal that could not be concluded now.
  4. Tokyo will help India in providing financial, technical and operational support to introduce Bullet trains, a project that Modi has been actively pursuing.
  5. Counter CHINA

What is the weirdest excuse you have ever heard for hating the current Narendra Modi government?