Are Narendra Modi's policies and initiatives better than those from Manmohan Singh? by Anonymous

Answer by Anonymous:

Please do not compare Manmohan Singh and Narendra Modi. You can compare Congress and Modi but not Manmohanji and NaMo.

I am an avid NaMo supporter but I remember how Manmohan Singh had amazingly reacted to the economic crisis in the 90's. So, I write this comparing BJP and UPA.

1. UPA had always tried to project a pro-poor image. Schemes and policies that projected it as the messiah of the poor were implemented to a decently successful extent.

2. Meaty subsidies for the lower middle class population of India ensured that a majority of the population was never unhappy with UPA-1.

3. However, where does the money for subsidy and pro-poor schemes come from, it comes from the pocket of the tax paying upper middle class and higher class section of the society. Business opportunities were not being made attractive and development was slow.

4. The discontentment only came out during UPA-2 when everyday some scam used to come up which eventually led to eroding of its voter base.

5. Now, Narendra Modi showed a lot of dreams to people and people are discontented because they have not immediate benefits. But they do not understand that Modi is trying to take the country ahead and not indulge in petty politics and maintaining its vote bank.

6. His touring so many countries is an attempt to get India a permanent seat at the UNSC.

7. He has promoting business by incentives. And needless to say, creation of more businesses creates more business opportunities.

8. Finally, through Make in India he is trying to get more job opportunities by getting foreign companies to set up the manufacturing in India.

On a concluding note, yes Modi's policies are better than UPA.

Are Narendra Modi's policies and initiatives better than those from Manmohan Singh?