Bengaluru, February 6: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “Walk The Talk” on the issue of corruption and raised several issues. This comes amid war of words between the two leaders ahead of the Karnataka Assembly elections scheduled for this year.

“I am glad Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi is talking about corruption. I now invite him to Walk The Talk. For a start can you — 1. Appoint Lok Pal, 2. Investigate Judge Loya’s death, 3. Investigate the astronomical rise of Jay Shah, 4. Appoint an untainted person as your chief ministerial candidate ?” tweeted Siddaramaiah. (Also read: Siddaramaiah Hits Back at Modi, Amit Shah, Challenges Them to Fight Karnataka Polls on Facts)


On Monday, Siddaramaiah hit back at Modi for his all-out attack on his Congress government and accused him of telling a “tissue of lies” and said he was “morally not fit” to be prime minister. “He did not speak as prime minister. He has uttered a tissue of lies and made baseless and irresponsible allegations,” Siddaramaiah said in an angry rebuttal to a litany of charges by Modi at a BJP rally on Sunday. (Also read: ‘An Ex-Jailbird’: Siddaramaiah’s Latest Dig at Amit Shah)

He said the “countdown has begun for Narendra Modi,” citing the results of Rajasthan by-polls in which the ruling BJP faced an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Congress which won two Lok Sabha seats and one assembly segment.

This came as a retort to Modi’s assertion that the countdown for the exit of the Siddaramaiah government had begun and it was at the exit gate.

Sounding the poll bugle for the upcoming Karnataka polls, Modi had accused the Siddaramaiah government of creating new records in corruption and dubbed it a “10 per cent commission government”.
Source: India.com